7 Ways A Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Posted on: February 29, 2016


If you live in or around Norristown, PA and have suffered due to the negligence of a doctor, hospital, or pharmaceutical company, call (610) 239-9630 and schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Creedon & Feliciani, P.C. We encourage you to speak with an experienced health care attorney as soon as possible in order to discuss your case and file a claim before the time runs out. State law dictates that you only have a short window to file your claim. Once it has passed, you may no longer be able to do so. Fortunately, this is not a concern when you begin working with a 19401 hospital malpractice attorney right after your injury.

Here Are 7 Ways a Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

#1 – Protect your rights.

As a hospital malpractice attorney, we will work diligently to protect your rights. Your doctor and hospital will have significant help from an experienced legal team and their insurance company. You do not want to go against them on your own. We can provide you with the help and experience you need so you are not taken advantage of.

#2 – Investigate your case.

As a Norristown, PA medical malpractice attorney, we have experience investigating cases where a doctor or hospital has been negligent and that negligence has led to our client's injuries. These cases are complex and require robust investigative skills and an understanding of medical terminology and basic procedures.

#3 – Prove negligence.

Negligence needs to be proven in any case because that determines who was at fault. Whether we are proving negligence in a case involving a particular doctor or we are proving pharmaceutical liability, our focus is on gathering the evidence necessary to clearly demonstrate negligence and how that negligence harmed you or your family. We are also a 19401 nursing home liability lawyer and can work to prove negligence in cases involving nursing home neglect.

#4 – Ensure you receive proper medical care.

Part of being a health care attorney is ensuring that our Norristown clients receive the treatments, medication, and medical care they need to make a recovery. If the insurance company is denying your request for treatment or you feel like you are being blocked from working with a certain doctor, we can help make sure you receive the care you need.

#5 – Value your case.

At The Law Offices of Creedon & Feliciani, P.C., we can meet with you, discuss your case, and conduct the research necessary to value it. Doing so is critical for ensuring that you do not settle for less than you deserve, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical liability.

#6 – Make sure you are treated fairly.

You need an advocate, a medical malpractice attorney who will fight for you. We are committed to our clients and provide personal attention to each case we take on.

#7 – Represent you in court.

As a health care attorney, you can count on us to fight for you in court, build and present a strong case, and present compelling evidence for why you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

To speak with a 19401 hospital malpractice attorney or nursing home liability lawyer, call (610) 239-9630 and schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Creedon & Feliciani, P.C. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and get started on your case.

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