Cases Handled by a Norristown Personal Injury Attorney

Posted on: September 15, 2017

If hurt in an accident, call our office to speak with a personal injury attorney from Creedon & Feliciani, P. C. located in Norristown, PA personal injury attorney and serving all of Pennsylvania. To file a personal injury lawsuit, you must sustain harm at the negligence of someone else. The negligence of the individual can be a direct action like a car running into yours or by the individual's failure to take action, as would be the case if someone does not properly maintain a property.

It is the legal standard that must be proven for someone to be responsible for the accident and the harm that you suffer. The same standard applies to businesses, individuals and even government entities. Suing the party who causes harm is the best way to receive financial compensation and an attorney in our office can help you to do so.

Types of cases handled by a Norristown, PA personal injury attorney from Creedon & Feliciani, P. C.

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents

Accidents are incredibly common and we represent a lot of clients who have been harmed by them. We take cases where there are only two people involved in the accident and even help those engaged in a multi-car pileup. What many people are unaware of is that a lawsuit can sometimes be filed even if the only person involved in a crash was the victim. If for example, there was a manufacturing defect that led to the accident, the manufacturer can be sued.

Dangerous products

Manufacturers have a responsibility to consumers to produce products that are safe for use when used as directed. Examples of products that have failed to meet these standards are some of the electronic cigarettes that have blown up or caught on fire, causing people to become burned. Regardless of what the product is, if it is not safe and causes harm, a lawsuit can be brought against the manufacturer.

Dog bites

If a dog owner fails to keep their dog properly restrained, they attack and bite, a lawsuit can be brought against them for damages.

Boating accidents

Captains of boats have the same responsibility to vote safely as drivers of cars and trucks too. Unfortunately, many captains are not properly trained and boating safety and drinking and boating are incredibly common. This can lead to devastating accidents on the water. If involved in one, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the captain of the boat that you were riding in or the one that caused the accident.

Public transportation accidents

Bus and train accidents happen on a regular basis. School bus accidents are common, as are accidents on public transportation routes. If someone is harmed by a public transportation accident, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the government entities. However, there are specific rules involved in doing so, making it more important than ever to hire an attorney who has experience in suing government agencies, cities, etc.

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