How an Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer Can Help You

Posted on: September 2, 2017

Most people never expect that they will need an insurance bad faith lawyer. After faithfully paying premiums for months or years, most people expect it to pay out when a claim is presented. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If the insurance company refuses to pay, the best course of action is to hire an attorney to represent you.

Auto insurance

An auto insurance policy will contain provisions that specify what the insurance company is responsible to pay in the event of an accident. It may include things like how much compensation can go towards paying medical bills and if they will cover any lost wages, etc. Each policy is different but the insurance company is obligated to abide by that contract.

However, occasionally an insurance company will try to interpret the contract in a way that is exclusively beneficial to them. This can lead to a denial of benefits.  For example, an insurance company may refuse to pay for a procedure that the doctor recommends. An insurance bad faith attorney in our office can negotiate with them if they refuse to settle, file a lawsuit and take them to court.

Health insurance

Health insurance can be complicated and over the years, health insurance companies have sought to limit what they are responsible to pay. Things like a maximum lifetime benefit were put into policies so that if something catastrophic happens, insurance companies do not have to pay as much money in claims. Classifying pre-existing conditions was another way to avoid paying. Some of these complicated maneuvers were made illegal in the Affordable Care Act.

However, some insurance companies still work to deny claims. They can do so by trying to claim that a procedure is elective or unnecessary, etc.  If they are refusing to pay for the necessary procedure or trying to pay less than their fair share, call an attorney. Also, an attorney can be useful if a health insurance company tries to unfairly cancel coverage.

Homeowner's insurance

A person's home is typically their most valuable asset and it is necessary to protect the property with proper insurance. A homeowner's insurance policy can be used to protect a home against events such as a fire, theft or even a flood. Insurance policies are written with provisions that make it clear what they will and will not pay for.

Still, some of the terminology in the provisions can be ambiguous, leaving room for insurance companies to deny rightful claims. In this case, a homeowner can take what the insurance company is offering or hire an attorney to sue them and force them to honor their agreements and pay.

How an insurance bad faith lawyer can help

Regardless of the type of insurance policy that you are having an issue with, an attorney can represent you. First, they will try to negotiate on your behalf to reach a settlement. If this is unsuccessful, they can take your case to court. Our law firm has experience doing so and we would be happy to assist you. Schedule a consultation to start your case today.