Why You Could Need a Health Care Attorney

Posted on: July 15, 2017


One of the harshest realities that people have to deal with is finding out that they may need help from a health care attorney to protect their interests. There are a few professions where people simply believe that they will be getting the best care and service possible. Foremost among these is the medical profession, in which patients put their lives in the hands of doctors every single day. Unfortunately, with the current health care situation very often this trust is not met properly.

Numerous cases

There are numerous cases of medical malpractice, insurance billing fraud and any other number of cases where the patient ends up being victimized by the hospital, doctor or healthcare system in which they put their faith and trust. In situations like this, it is vitally important for a patient to also have a health care attorney who can then fight for their rights, and get them compensation for any damages they may have suffered.

Health care is a serious profession, and the damages that can be done to a patient can be catastrophic and life-changing. It is important that a patient is not victimized twice after already having to suffer because of health care issues.

Healthcare mistakes are expensive

When most people think about how expensive healthcare is, they are normally considering the cost of the premiums and deductibles. They also may be thinking about how expensive procedures are. However, as a healthcare attorney, we know that they can be even more expenses involved if a mistake is made and a person has to suffer because a doctor or a hospital was negligent. Mistakes by hospital staff in lead to violent reactions to drugs that have been administered wrong, the loss of limbs and body parts, faulty surgeries and even the loss of a loved one's life.

Recovering from a health care mistake can be catastrophic on a family's finances and emotional health. If a loved one has passed because of a medical malpractice issue, that family will have lost their loved one as well as their income earning capacity which can be extremely detrimental to the family as a whole.

In situations where the patient survived, they may have to spend the rest of their life correcting the mistakes made by the medical staff. This often involves extensive medical bills, which are often not covered by insurance. In a situation like this, it is important that the patient get financial compensation to help cover the costs and to make up for the quality of life losses.

Get help

A health care attorney is seasoned in dealing with hospitals, doctors, administrators, medical attorneys and insurance companies and knows exactly how to pursue a claim when a patient has had an issue with healthcare. It is important that if you, or a loved one, has been a victim of a health care mistake that you hire a healthcare attorney to represent your interests as soon as possible.

Once retained, the health care lawyers can go to work establishing who is responsible for the damage you or a loved one has suffered and created a comprehensive case that can lead to a settlement or a substantial jury verdict. We can provide the legal assistance you need so call our office today.

Note: This is for information only and does not constitute legal advice.