A Norristown Personal Injury Attorney Can Help After Your Accident

Posted on: August 15, 2017

After being in a car or truck accident, you need to call our office to speak with a Norristown Creedon & Feliciani, P.C. personal injury attorney. Each of the attorneys at Creedon & Feliciani, P. C. are members of Rue Ratings: Best Attorneys of America, Million Dollar Advocates and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums. It is important to do so as quickly as possible because, over time, it will be more challenging to remember exactly what happened. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to gather the appropriate evidence to prove the other party’s negligence.

For example, the road where the accident occurred may be repaved or a new stop light put in. This will change the dimension of the accident scene so it is important to preserve the evidence as quickly as possible.

Evidence is necessary to prove negligence

To receive compensation for being in an accident, it becomes necessary to prove what happened and who caused the wreck. Someone else needs to be to blame for what happened to receive compensation. The legal concept of negligence must be proven using evidence.

Some of the typical evidence gathered in a personal injury case includes:

Accident reports filed with law enforcement

  • Pictures of the scene, vehicles, and any injuries
  • Eye-witness testimony
  • Medical records and doctor’s opinions

Sometimes expert witnesses are also called into discussing what may have happened to help to reconstruct the scene, but this is typically only necessary in much larger cases or those involving catastrophic injuries. Gathering this evidence, identifying and interviewing witnesses is something that we can do, as a Norristown Creedon & Feliciani, P.C. personal injury attorneys.

Receiving compensation for injuries. The greater the injuries, the more money that will be received in the form of financial damages. If the injuries require medical care, it is possible to sue and seek financial compensation. However, the more care that is necessary and the longer it takes to recover, the greater the value the injury claim will be.

Typically, a victim will recover the number of wages lost from needing to take time off work due to the injury or seeking medical care. If a doctor feels that a victim will be unable to return to work for a year or longer, they will be considered disabled. At this point, it is possible to seek compensation for long-term wage losses which can be quite a significant amount.

Compensation may also be received for:

  1. Medical bills, including the cost of future medical care
  2. Rehabilitation or physical therapy
  3. Transportation costs to and from doctor’s appointments, etc.
  4. Cost of hiring someone to provide in-home care
  5. Pain and suffering
  6. All other accident-related expenses

After hiring an attorney, gathering evidence, and placing an initial value on the injury claim, it will be time to start the negotiations process. Sometimes, a case will settle through negotiations back and forth with the other party’s insurance company. If they make a fair settlement offer, it will be possible to accept that amount and avoid going to court. Otherwise, the best course of action is to take the case to court with the help of an attorney and seek financial compensation from a jury.

Speak with a lawyer.

For help with your case, call our office and speak with an award winning nationally recognized Norristown Creedon & Feliciani, P.C. personal injury attorney today.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.