Signs You Need a Nursing Home Liability Lawyer

Posted on: February 25, 2016


As a nursing home liability lawyer, we work with many clients who are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their parents or elderly relatives. Nursing homes are entirely necessary aspects of our society. The care they provide to seniors is essential and often administered by trained doctors and nurses, providing the elderly with a greater level of care. Most of the time, the care received is both well-intentioned and appropriate. However, there have been cases of nursing home neglect and abuse throughout the country, and as a result, people are also becoming more aware of the importance of checking in and watching for signs of abuse.

If any of the following has happened to your loved one, you should speak with a nursing home liability lawyer:

  • Slip and fall accident at the facility.
  • Medication was not given or given in the incorrect dosage.
  • They were not transported to the doctor or hospital when showing clear signs of being ill.
  • You see bruising or bed sores.
  • They have suffered an unexplained injury.

Remember that when your loved one enters a nursing home, they are completely reliant upon the care offered by the staff. Their health should remain stable and perhaps even improve. If they are being neglected, you will see deterioration, which is a clear warning sign. When you go to visit them, be sure to look around their room and the property itself. Watch for signs of neglect. Things like loose railings, torn carpet, burned out lights, etc. should all be reported to management. Hopefully, they will correct them, but if not, these small issues can lead to unfortunate accidents and injuries.

How a Nursing Home Liability Lawyer Can Help You

If your loved one was injured while in the care of a nursing home employee or while at their facility in general, you should contact an attorney. This is important because if they were responsible for the accident, they should have to pay for the associated medical bills, along with the cost of any increased care. Most likely, you will want to relocate them to a safer and more responsible facility. This too will come with an increase in expenses, ones that should not be borne by you or your family. Since the nursing home caused the problem, they should have to pay for the results. This is where an attorney comes in.

As a nursing home liability lawyer, we will need to gather evidence and interview anyone who could support claims of neglect. This is essential for building a strong case that can be presented in court. Our goal is to demonstrate that the nursing home or the staff was in some way negligent and that their negligence is what led to your loved one suffering harm. This requires proving several steps along the way, such as where they were hurt, how they were hurt, and what the nursing home could have done to prevent it. We will also need to gather specific information and evidence regarding what additional expenses were incurred or will be incurred as a result.

To discuss your particular case and the steps we will take while representing you, call and schedule a consultation.

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